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Labyrintus Introduction:
Labyrintus is a miniature game by Victoria Lamb. It combines the spectacle and craft of a miniature game with the fun and ease of play of a board game. A fast paced game for 2-4 players with a playing time of 30 to 60 minutes. Each player takes control of a team of 4 creatures and attempts to be the first to get through the Labyrinth. But beware, things may not always be what they seem, your progress can be thwarted by other creatures, the shifting Labyrinth and even your own tactical choices.

Click Here to download the Labyrintus Print and Play Board.
248kb PDF

You will need to print this document four times to make the full board.


Click Here to download the Labyrintus 2D Print and Play Rule Book.
Three page
192kb PDF.

2D Beta Statement:

Labyrintus 2D is a free print n'play downloadable game by Victoria Lamb with Ryan Taylor and Robert Scott-Lamborn. More information, rules and downloads can be found here.

This 2D edition is an important step forward towards the production of the full Labyrintus boxed set. Its purpose it to give you, the players, a chance to test the game and give your own suggestions and feedback. Obviously producing the final game with the quality of the prototype is no small undertaking. That is why it is important to take this step to make sure the game plays as good as it looks.

This free version will allow players to try out the game and provide their feedback, opinions and suggestions of what they would like to see in the final rules set.

Labyrintus has always been intended to be played on a 3D board which provides a fully immersive gaming experience. That last Twiglet hiding behind the wall in the corner, who is now making a desperate, surprise dash for the finish, is all part of the game.

However the 2D version will enable people to inexpensively create their own board and try it out. So please download the game, play it and enjoy it.

Labyrintus author’s aims:

Labyrintus is not a dungeon crawler or a ‘hack and slash’ skirmish game. Inspired in the spirit of Jim Henson, it was born out of a desire to be able to sit down with gamers and non-gamers of all levels of experience, throw down a beautiful scenery piece, inhabit it with original and humorous characters and play, a crazy, ruthlessly competitive game and have good laugh and plenty of fun. The aim in its basic version is to provide an accessible and fun introduction to the scope and amazing visual potential of miniature gaming for all levels.

The planned boxed set:

The elements of the upcoming Boxed Set are: Labyrinth, rules, miniatures and special dice. It is my belief that these provide all that is needed to play an enjoyable game. What I want to avoid is the addition if cards, stat tables and thumbing through endless pages of rules that need to be constantly referred to. These extra elements take the players away from the board, and detract from the immersive experience.

More depth, more levels:

The future of Labyrintus is boundless. The Boxed set will be expanded upon and more advanced levels of game play introduced. This is where the full scope and complexity of miniature gaming can be explored. First up will be simple expansions introducing rules for extra scenarios and independent creatures that wander the Labyrinth. Then, expanding into more special abilities, faction and character specific rules, more factions, more labyrinth architecture, more dice and board expansions. The imagination is the only limit.

How to contribute:

Feedback is crucial at this point in development. Play the game and voice your opinions. Throw in your ideas, likes, dislikes, wishes and wants. Write your own scenarios and rules, make your own board, draw pictures, sculpt creatures, design factions, write background or anything that inspires you. Everything is appreciated.

All feedback is valuable and will be taken into account. Add your name to the (upcoming) Labyrintus contributor’s and play tester’s credits page by emailing Victoria here.

Post your ideas, pictures, feedback and keep up to date with the latest Labyrintus discussion on the Board Game Geek Labyrintus forum here. Or email Victoria here.

Labyrintus in its at its current stage of development, has so far been a not-for-profit labor of love. Producing the Boxed Set is a considerable financial and time consuming undertaking. Support can be contributed by purchasing the miniatures from the shop here or if you are enjoying the 2D version and feel generous, a voluntary donation can be made by clicking the button below.

Thank you and happy gaming,

Victoria Lamb.


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